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Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

Without regard to race, age, gender, health, socioeconomic status, or nationality, people in our communities are becoming infected with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  While most who become infected will experience mild symptoms and recover, others are dying.  Some Texas communities have been impacted more than others, but COVID-19 has dramatically changed everyone’s lives.  From shortages of certain necessities to school and work closures resulting in job loss, this crisis has had a ripple effect in all facets of life.  Hernandez Sunosky, LLP pray for the families affected by this insidious disease and the world as a whole.

What Is A Novel Coronavirus? 

“Corona” refers to a part of a body resembling a crown. As such, because of the crown-like spikes on their surface, these viruses are referred to as “coronaviruses.”  Human coronaviruses have been identified since the mid-1960’s and many people in the world commonly get infected with various strains.  In some instances, coronaviruses that infected animals can evolve into a human coronavirus.  Examples of these type of viruses include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

“Novel” refers to something new and not resembling something formerly known.  Thus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified the current outbreak of this human coronavirus as a coronavirus that has not been previously identified.  

Why Is It Referred To As “COVID-19”?

When broken down “COVID-19” refers to “CO” = corona, “VI” = virus, “D” = disease and “19” = 2019, the year when a pneumonia outbreak of unknown cause was identified by Chinese health officials in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei Province, China.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself And My Family From COVID-19?

COVID-19 is typically spread during close contact and by respiratory droplets produced when people cough or sneeze.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), you should do the following to protect yourself and others from COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 3 feet from anyone coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Covering your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Follow the advice of your doctor and national and local health authorities

What If I Get Injured During The Coronavirus Crisis, Can I Still Protect My Legal Rights?

Yes.  Protective measures being implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, such as sheltering-in-place and social distancing, have created the necessity for people and organizations to adapt to the current reality.  For example, Texas courts have issued orders modifying or suspending certain legal deadlines and implemented procedures to allow litigants to participate remotely in legal proceedings.  

Although the legal process may be temporarily delayed in some instances during these times of uncertainty, your legal rights and obligations remain ongoing.  The Houston Personal Injury Attorneys at Hernandez Sunosky, LLP are working remotely to protect the legal rights of their current clients and are available to new clients for immediate consultation.  Our firm provides:

  • Immediate access to our attorneys, not case managers, by phone, email, text or video conferencing
  • Technological resources for complete and secure access to all client information
  • Technological resources to send and receive communications and court filings with all Courts
  • 100% Free Consultation to discuss your personal injury and the legal process

Working remotely during this time, our attorneys have consulted with many new clients, attended court proceedings remotely and continued to advance our clients’ cases.  We may not be in the office, but we are continuing to work hard to protect the rights of personal injury victims.

Call Hernandez Sunosky, LLP For Help!  Free Consultation.

If you need help with a personal injury claim, contact Hernandez Sunosky, LLP, a personal injury law firm that uses advanced case management systems and are always available to answer your questions and meet your legal needs.  Call us today.

We work only on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no upfront fees for our services. You only have to pay us if we recover compensation for your case.