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Houston Top-Rated Slip And Fall Lawyer

In Texas, slip and fall cases are difficult to win because premises liability law favor the property owner, not the injury victim.  An injured person has many legal hurdles to overcome to successfully prevail in a slip and fall case.  It’s simply not enough to show you fell on someone’s property and was injured.  

A slip and fall victim will need to show who was responsible for maintaining the premises, how the property owner was negligent, such as failing to fix a broken handrail over a period of time or failing to warn of the issue, and that any injuries are the result of the negligence.  Proving these can be a challenge because often times the slip and fall occurs without a witness.  Even if a witness was present, evidence is necessary to show the premises owner was aware of the dangerous condition and the condition was not “open and obvious.”  Because of the difficulty in proving premises liability cases, many law firms simply avoid handling these type of injury cases.  

The lawyers at Hernandez Sunosky, LLP. love holding negligent property owners accountable. When a client came to us after four other law firms rejected his slip and fall claim, we were eager to help.  The insurance company blamed our client and initially offered zero.  After fighting the insurance company and its lawyers, we were able to secure $255,000.00.

The lawyers at Hernandez Sunosky, LLP are ex-insurance defense lawyers.  We know how insurance companies and their lawyers think because we were them for almost 20 years.  We use our knowledge and experience to maximize the recovery for our injured clients.  We handle cases throughout Texas and have recovered millions.  Call us 24/7 at (713) 981-4100 for a free, no obligation consultation.  You won’t pay us a dime until we recover compensation for you.