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At 2:45 pm Monday DPS was dispatched to a crash on Mt. Plesant Road just north of FM 1097 in Montgomery. An MCHD District Chief was first to arrive on the scene and found the driver of one of the vehicles deceased. The other driver was uninjured. According to DPS, the 1997 Honda Accord was traveling at a high rate of speed going north on Lake Mt. Plesant. As the driver entered a curve a few miles north of FM 1097 he went into a side skid. That skid took him across the southbound lanes of the narrow roadway. A Toyota Tundra pickup was traveling south and was unable to avoid the collision. The Toyota slammed into the passenger side of the Honda. The driver of the Toyota pickup was uninjured. Mt. Plesant Road was closed for over 3-hours as DPS investigated the crash. The impact drove the Honda through the fence of a horse ranch at that location. The call originally came in as two-vehicles racing. However, DPS investigators are not sure if that was the case but say just the Honda Accord involved in the fatal was driving too fast for the conditions. A resident down the street was out getting his mail at the time of the crash. He said the Honda was northbound at a high rate of speed either chasing or racing a blue Mustang with a white stripe. Eickenhorst Funeral Directors removed the 62-year-old male from the scene. The road reopened at 6 pm.

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